About me



Delphine Lhomme is a Paris based storyboard artist with extensive experience in features, television, and numerous TV commercials for UK, European markets including many car commercials.

She started drawing for films after 10 years on sets, as an Assistant Director. The director Olivier Dahan was the first one to trust her, with a « Eau jeune » commercial. Since then, clients such as directors, production companies, advertising agencies came along, either from the US, Europe and /or France.

A selection can be seen on the following pages. Work is supplied by either e-mail or as hard copy in black and white or color. She frequently works with clients or directors in USA and Europe via e-mail and phone or Skype. If you’d like to see any further examples in more detail please call or e-mail.

Her agent in France is Caroline Maréchal – 00 (33) 1 42 61 4334

Delphine’s Personal phone number is 00 (33) 6 82 95 30 84